Success Stories Shared

At the 2010 PMSA Conference in Johannesburg. David Pells, Editor of PM World Journal, suggested that a mechanism should be implemented SSS-logoto capture the experience, knowledge and wisdom of ageing and retired project managers and professional leaders.  This was the call needed to inspire Louise Worsley of PiCubedand Linky van der Merwe of Virtual Project Consulting to start the Success Stories Shared working group.

With an emphasis on both capturing knowledge from retired project managers and the know-how and experience of South Africa’s most successful practising project managers, stories are collated and published for easy access so that the knowledge can be spread across the South African project community.

“Our approach is to use a loosely scripted interview encouraging project managers to tell a story as opposed to a prescriptive reporting approach.  Blogs from these interviews are made available via The Project Manager magazine our websites and in the future via the PMSA blog links”.

Interviews are a rewarding process as interviewees are provided with an opportunity to reflect and put words to their project experience.

Do you have a story to share?  Would you like to know more?  Would like to take part in this project?

Contact:  Louise Worsley for further information.

Click here to download the success stories shared brief.