From right-size governance to agile governance

If you’re working in a structured project environment with a project office, the chances are that you are using a right-size governance approach.

What does that mean?  Essentially, the level of management attention and oversight varies appropriately, depending upon the characteristics of the project, such as size and complexity, or the level and significance of the impact of the project on the organisation. 

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Get a great steering group: Making a real difference on social change projects

Making a real difference on social change projects

domestic-worker1In 2005 according to a government report, two thirds of private money in SA banks belonged to males.  Despite representing over 50% of the population only one third of assets were owned by women, and even less by previously disadvantaged or non-white females. The Presidential working group on Women (PWGW) was set-up to work on issues specific to Women.  A sub-set of this group were tasked with identifying and developing financial solutions specifically suited to the circumstances of women in South Africa, with an aim to empower them and shift the balance of assets.  In particular they would address retirement and investment activism – the development of solutions which would aid this vulnerable group to safely create their own savings for retirement. This is particularly relevant to women who are currently under-represented but who statistically are most likely to live longer and often have many dependencies (particularly grandchildren due to the impact of Aids). Continue reading “Get a great steering group: Making a real difference on social change projects”